The ARSSUP by partnering with universities in Europe, founded as campus and enables students to freely choose lodgings and restaurants in person or provide them with a list of hotels and restaurants in the old valley of Moesano and around the surrounding area .
E ‘can stay in different types of rooms with different standard and comfort depending on the needs of students.
In addition to providing various types of housing, ARSSUP has signed special agreements with the Tourism Authority of Moesano regarding activities Extra which engage in leisure time, such as sports and cultural visits.
In fact San Bernardino, with its unspoiled nature, it is not only an ideal place to study and tackle exams thanks to the total tranquility that characterizes it, but also offers an array of recreation and entertainment. In winter it is an ideal destination for skiers, but not only, in fact, you can practice all winter sports. In spring it is nice walks, but also excursions to all the shares, with the opportunity for students to be accompanied by experts to discover the natural beauty of the place.


To see all the solutions for lodging see also the site of the ‘ Tourist Office Regional Moesano