The ARSSUP has the opportunity to choose and manage their own courses for facilities of various kinds: classrooms, libraries and other types of public and private spaces with different capacities to be easy for all enrolled students attend classes and focus on learning, in a climate of serenity and with all the possible space available. Most of the activities are organized and take place, precisely, in the Grisons, in San Bernardino, in the valley of Moesano, including unspoiled natural landscapes and a great choice of places to study and responsive to the preparation of a campus , with various meeting places, study, meeting, in one big campus along the valley for all the needs of our students. Our association has the possibility to take freely leased more places responsive to carrying out teaching activities in neighboring countries, according to the number of enrolled and needs of groups, to make the best possible student experience and more interactive as possible. The aim of our association is to make study a moment of debate and discussion and is open to international students from around the world.