The department of new technologies dell’ARSSUP deals with the study, experimentation, production and teaching the latest technology in a wide area of knowledge ranging from mechanics to videogames through the electronics and design. The department is divided into three sections:
– Architecture and Design
– Video games and multimedia works
– Mechanics and electronics

Architecture and design

The architecture and design are now central to the development of new technologies. The architecture and design section dell’ARSSUP analyzes, classifies and applies innovation science of building and living, structural architecture of wood up to home automation. The main areas on which to focus the current research are:
1) The development and application of the various parts of the pipeline 3d printing and CAD / CAM for both manufacturers addittive that subtractive.
2) The reuse of materials and their use conscious
3) The testing procedures BIM

Video game and multimedia

The video game industry and multimedia works is now the manufacturing sector with more job opportunities and more rewarding from small scale to that of the majors. The number of products is now possible to develop: app, serious games, social games etc. It opens a market with global reach and vast experimental. The “video game and multimedia works” of ‘ARSUPP has as its primary objective the integration of the various figures of the sector through study and experimentation, as well as the training of professionals responding to the real needs of the market, be it creative or managerial. The ARSUPP proposes in his choice of training courses Trienale with the possibility of specialist in “Design and development of video games and multimedia.”

Mechanics and electronics

Sensitive to the current trend dell’autofabbricazione, the culture of the FabLab, testing drones and innovative technologies for the “life quality”, the ARSSUP has devoted a section to the side of the electronic engineering and new technologies particularly focused on innovation and the development of physical devices through advanced workshops continue in the area and further training of all categories of designers.