The Mesolcina Valley, an important transit route north-south and only alternative to the Gotthard in the winter to go from Ticino German-speaking Europe, takes its name from the river Moesa, who was born on the San Bernardino Pass at 2065 m / above sea ​​level and goes to flow into the river up to the town of Ticino Arbedo-Castione, after about 1800 m descent. Altitude in the Valley from increased At 260 m / slm of the Plan of San Vittore to 3270 m / slm Pizzo Tambo.

That characterizes the Misox the climate is mild. The wind is not blowing strong enough to disturb the tourists, but enough to stave off the fog and clouds. These currents Ensure a period of insolation above the average. In winter, small and sporadic snowfall Affecting areas located in low altitude, while the snow falls abundant along the crest of the Alps. But the valley is mostly free of snow thanks to the mild temperatures and the action of the sun.

The upper area of ​​the Mesolcina has the characteristic landscape shaped by glaciers. At the time of glaciation in this area of ​​the glacier valley Hinterrhein flowed south. Pass on, among countless rounded hills (mammelloni!) You can admire the Lake Moesola surrounded by a myriad of small ponds and wells called Laghit of Ardei.

During the winter season, thanks to the ski resorts of San Bernardino, one of Switzerland’s most important Italian, you can enjoy many activities in the snow and in contact with nature. In San Bernardino are in varied and sunny park ski slopes 40 km to the 1625m of the country leads to 2525m altitude with proposals of various difficulties That then follow the needs of more experienced skiers and beginners Those. There are several anche Nordic ski runs, for a total of 20km, That wind through beautiful pine forests and stunning scenery. For Those Who Fail to downhill skiing, snowboarding or Nordic skiing, there is The Possibility to make simple excursions in contact with nature, excursions on snowshoes and skating. For Those wishing to relax after a day of skiing you can do at the indoor pool Albarella located in San Bernardino.

Even the summer of Mesolcina valley has as main protagonist nature. There are Numerous possibilities for activities directly in contact with the same. These include simple walking and hiking, fitness trails, an educational (cultural and historical) in San Bernardino, to fishing and swimming. The adventure park of San Bernardino, golf Paintball and the opportunity to practice hydrospeed and kayaking in the rivers of the region, fully meet the needs of Those looking for a little ‘adventure.
Do not forget That in high Mesolcina, to San Bernardino, is brewed and bottled mineral water of Kratos Grischa SA, water That bears the name of the southern Alpine town.

Valle Mesolcina, being in the canton of Grisons is not known as the most famous St. Moritz, Davos and Klosters is a valley but just as beautiful and full of opportunities.

In the valley there are all the facilities Necessary for a modern living like grocery stores, butcher shops, bakeries, restaurants, post offices, banks, doctors, dentists and medical studies, pharmacy, emergency rooms, train arrival and departure of all races Postal bus line Bellinzona-Chur-Thusis (direct laughs), Calanca Valley and Verdabbio and coincidences with the most famous tourist centers Mentioned above.

Extracted and processed by: Tourist Board Regional Moesano