Culture has no bounderies
ARSSUP Association of scientific research and private universitary studies, according with the Study European Legislation, offers the possibility to students of different countries to attend an educational path to face the world of work in a very highly qualified way. The ARSSUP, thanks to the partnership with important European Universities and the consequent intercultural exchanges is a Campus with the goal of bringing an high educational improvement.

Clarity is our strenght

One stenght of ARSSUP is indipendence. ARSSUP has no agreements or relations with other Swiss Private Universities.

High quality Education

The members of the Academic Senate have a very long experience having worked in the most important Universities. Teachers have very strong competencies both accademic and professional.

Studying in Switzerland, culture and nature
The academic courses take place in Switzerland, far from caothic cities, but in the Graubunden Canton, in San Bernardino, a brightly small town (1600 meters high) in the Moeasano Valley. Depending on the enrollment the Courses can take place in small towns near San Bernardino.

In this uncontaminated environment, but full of all necessary services, the concentration for studing is the added value. 
San Bernardino is not only the ideal place where to study and do exams; in winter it’s a place where to play snow sports while in spring it’s possible to have fun with high mountains excursions where students can go with experts.

The ARSSUP considered for their particular solutions for lodging students.
support contact is the Regional Tourist Board of Moesano, where you can also obtain information as regards sports activities , time , leisure and cultural visits in the two valleys of Moesano.

Tailor made formula
The student can choose accomodations and resaurants by himself or the ARSSUP can suggest the structures having direct and particular agreements with the University.