The ARSSUP, Association of scientific research and private universitary studies, officially recognised by the Graubunden Canton, Switzerland through l’ Ispettorato del Registro Fondiario and il Registro di Commercio Divisione Permessi with the IDI number (C.H.E. 397.767.064), was established in 2014, February the 2nd from:

Council of Founders

Rector Academician Prof. Giampiero Camurati

Prof. Vincenzo Mastronardi

Gen. CC (r) Prof. Basilio Viola

Ing. lic. Stefano Bertocchi

Dott. Alessandro Rossi


ARSSUP: the Scope

“The development of the scientific activity in the pure and applied fields, in autonomy or in cooperation with the Scientific Community itself.

The development of information activity, organizing debates and conferences, activley participating to congresses organized by similar Swiss or foreign Associations, It can also make publications, even periodical, with the goal of make cultareal exchanges easier.

The development of every didactic activity through the establishment of seminars and other activities with the goal of increasing the academic and personal development, as far as the establishment of Bachelor’s degrees, and/or any of other level – directly and/or in cooperation with other Universities, Institutions and/or Swiss or Foreign organizations.

The establishment of a library owning scientific books, the creation af an archive which is evidence of studies and resarches accomplished in the humanistic and scientific fields and the cooperation with other institutions. It improves advises and/or cultural education activities in medical science, social, psychology and/or economics using informatics tools and/or technics; the entire scope just like in the Statute”